Algordanza Switzerland Laboratory

Algordanza is the only memorial diamond company in the world that opens its laboratory to the public. Before you decide on your memorial diamond and leave your loved ones with us, please feel free to arrange to visit our laboratory and meet with the staff.

  • For UK and Ireland Customers, you can visit by arrangement via a UK representative to see Algordanza manufacturing facilities and meet with the staff.   

  • You can see our lab facilities where carbon extraction and diamond crystallization take place.

  • You can request to personally deliver your loved ones ashes.

  • You can request to personally collect your memorial diamond.


| A Visual Web Tour of the Algordanza Swiss Headquarters

From Zurich to Chur

Flights from London to Zurich is only 1.5 hours away.  Chur, Switzerland is the birthplace of Algordanza. You can reach here by taking the express train from Zurich airport, which is around one and half hours. The city of Chur is the capital of Graub√ľnden and is the oldest city in Switzerland with a history of 5000 years.  In Chur, you can enjoy the historical city scene and take world famous mountain railways which depart from here, and enjoy the spectacular views of Switzerland. 

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(Image from left to right,  Zurich Central Station,  Chur, Swiss Mountain Railway)

Algordanza Head Office and Meet with Algordanza Staff

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(Image from left to right,  Domat/Ems, Algordanza Head Office, View of Swiss Alps from the Office)

Algordanza head office and laboratory is located in Chur, Domat/Ems, surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Algordanza staff will welcome you at the office. Our Swiss Office staff are responsible for receiving and confirming delivered ashes from each country, and ensure the reference order number and entire tracking purpose. 

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(Image from left to right,  Algordanza Reception Room, Algordanza Office Staff)

Algordanza laboratory - Carbon extraction laboratory 

The carbon extraction room is reminiscent of a chemical laboratory, it is also the heart of the Algordanza. Before extracting the carbon, the lab staff need to confirm the carbon content.  Once the sufficient carbon amount is confirmed, Lab staff extract and purify the carbon, the carbon will be purified up to 99.9%. It normally takes over 6 hours without the drying time, sometimes this process is done repeatedly several times to achieve the purified carbon. 

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(Image from left to right, Lab staff extracting carbon, Carbon content measuring instrument, Carbon Extraction process)

Algordanza Laboratory - Crystallization Process HPHT 

Adjacent to the lab is where the Algordanza High Pressure High Temperature machines are, they are used for the diamond crystallization process.  The HPHT machines create the same environment as the crystallization of the diamonds that normally takes hundreds of million years in nature, and with our machines crystallization is completed in a few months.

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(Image from left to right, Frank Ripka explaining process, Preparation for crystallization, Rinaldo Willy completing final check on the diamonds)

We welcome many customers from all over the world every year, please feel free to book with us today and see for yourself.