About Algordanza

In the Rhaeto – Romanic language, the word “Algordanza” is an expression for "Remembrance". When a loved one has passed on, we are often left with fond memories, and also a feeling of emptiness. Having a Memorial Diamond helps us fill the void and remember our loved ones in a precious and special way.


| Company History

Founded in 2004 in Switzerland, we are a global supplier of Memorial Diamonds, with a presence in over 30 countries across Europe, America, S. America, Asia and Australia.

Our specialists developed the procedure through intense research and processes. Natural diamonds emerge under enormous pressure and high temperatures inside of the earth. In order to enable a diamond synthesis, these conditions have to be created likewise.

dogs ashes to diamonds uk

(Image above, Algordanza International Family 15 Year Anniversary) 


| From Algordanza to You

ALGORDANZA is the Rhaeto-Romanic - the historic Swiss language - word for ‘remembrance‘. We've created our real memorial diamonds for over 15 years in our own laboratory in Domat/Ems in the region Graubünden (Switzerland).

We are dedicated to give an infinite remembrance of your beloved. The diamond burial is possibly the most personal and sensitive option to bid farewell and also keeping a closeness. Increasing mobility and globalization can cause difficulties for the personal visit to the grave whereas with the memorial diamond you can keep your loved one close always.

The highly complex creation process of a memorial diamond is the outcome of our efforts to create something imperishable. A peaceful alternative for relatives wishing for a more personal commemoration. The dignity of the deceased is of utmost importance to us.

Since 2004, ALGORDANZA is ever expanding and is today already represented in over 30 countries worldwide.

ALGORDANZA is a member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services and we dedicate ourselves voluntarily to the professional standards of Swiss, German and Austrian funeral services. The ALGORDANZA diamond burial is ISO-certified and notarized.

Precision, respect and discretion are the pillars of our success. The encouragement and trust we receive worldwide confirms us of our chosen path.


| Algordanza 15 Year Anniversary 

Algordanza (Switzerland) was established on July 10, 2004. In 2019, we celebrated our 15th anniversary.

The idea of "making diamonds from the ashes" may have been part of what was initially thought to be outrageous. However, the idea that diamonds made from the remains of a deceased will connect a family member to a deceased loved one is welcomed globally, and now more than 30 countries offer this wonderful service.

To celebrate this memorable occasion, Algordanza held the 2019 International Partners & Agents Meeting to exchange information and ideas and to strengthen the connection of partners around the world.

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(Image:  Internal Conference with Founder Rinaldo Willy & Frank Ripka, a signpost set up in front of the Swiss head office,  Kevin Foy at the Anniversary Conference) 

Representatives from countries around the world and staff from Algordanza Switzerland participated in the meeting on August 17th and 18th 2019. Beginning with training in the city of Domat Ems, where Algordanza H.Q. is located, exploring the history of the founder's hometown of Zuoz and hiking on the breathtaking Swiss alps.  

To commence the 15th anniversary of Algordanza, in the morning, all representatives from Asia, America, South America, Europe and Australia gathered for a seminar and discussion on the current status of Memorial Diamonds and Algordanza, after which we all headed to Algordanza headquarters.

In front of the headquarters, a new signpost was set up, showing the distance and direction to all Algordanza partners in the world. 

jewellery made out of ashes uk

(Image:  Welcome at reception, Algordanza Conference, Sign Post at head office marks distance to each Algordanza Country) 

Also, compared to the last time I visited, there were some changes in manufacturing equipment. This year, Algordanza has added four new high-temperature high-pressure crystallization machines.

It was a meaningful and enjoyable weekend, as we were able to exchange information with the representatives of all countries during the dinner discussing our new hair to diamonds service, heart warming customer stories and meeting new friends.

jewellery out of ashes uk

(Image:  All Algordanza Swiss Staff, Hiking at altitude of 3K of Mt. Colvacchi, Spectacular view at the top)

For our second day we took a cable car up to nearly 3000 meters of Mt. Colvacchi and then hiked together as a team, enjoying lunch at the peak of the mountain. The meeting ends with a formal dinner on the final day. President Rinaldo Willy gave a thank you speech with commendations to those who have made a contribution to this 15th anniversary.

We hope the next celebration will be just as memorable.