We have a caring, respectful and experienced team of people behind Algordanza ensuring your service is second to none, let’s meet them:


| Algordanza Swiss Board

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(Frank Ripka & Rinaldo Willy) 

Rinaldo Willy (right) did successfully complete the apprenticeship and subsequently studied Business Administration at the HTW in Chur. Before and while part-time he worked as project manager in the banking industry. In the last year of his studies Rinaldo Willy founded the company ALGORDANZA at the age of 23 years. Since then he is the CEO of the company. In 2013 he was elected president of the board of directors and has held its office to date.

Frank Ripka (left) holds a master of business and engineering with focus on production technique and mechanical engineering. Additionally he is a qualified toolmaker. After graduation at the TU in Berlin and the scholarship at the TU in Vienna Frank Ripka was consulting in the area of ERP-software, simulation studies and production techniques. After several years as head of controlling in an international corporation he joined ALGORDANZA AG in 2007 and has been responsible for the production ever since. In 2016 Frank Ripka took over as CEO for ALGORDANZA Germany and Austria.

| Algordanza UK Representative

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(Rinaldo Willy and Kevin Foy) 

Kevin Foy (right), the sole agent for Algordanza UK.  Kevin has extensive years of successful experience in business expansion, sales, marketing and customer services. Algordanza UK was established in 2014 and opened the memorial diamond service to UK customers. Since then we have established, and expanded Algordanza UK customer base and work with a large number of high profile funeral directors and crematorium nationwide.

"In such difficult times it's an honour to show respect to the departed and offer to keep loved ones close at all times with exceptional diamonds." - Kevin Foy.

| Algordanza Administration Team

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(Switzerland Administration team) 

At our location in Domat/Ems, Switzerland the whole administration and order processing through our capable team is guaranteed. The team manages all inquiries incoming from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and countries we do not have representations in. Additionally, the team welcomes interested clients and funeral directors and shows them the company and our diamond process.

| Swiss Lab Team

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(Switzerland Lab team) 

The entire creation of Memorial Diamonds takes place at our own production facility in Domat/Ems, Switzerland. The isolation of the Carbon, by use of the chemical procedure is conducted through two experienced laboratory assistants in our own laboratory. The actual growth of diamonds takes place in our own HPHT-machine.

| Swiss Production Team

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(Switzerland production team) 

The growth of memorial diamonds takes place in our HPHT machines. The growth cell and environment of the memorial diamond consists of 25 components, which are handcrafted and assembled by our employees. Attention is paid to the highest precision and detail.

| Algordanza International Representatives 

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(Algordanza 15 years anniversary, Algordanza Representative from over 30 countries)

ALGORDANZA is represented in over 30 countries. Our worldwide partners are competent and will be available for all your questions.