Algordanza Hair Memorial Diamond

Algordanza Hair is our new product from 2018, it is made from carbon only extracted from human hair. In the UK, there are still many who would like to arrange traditional burial services for personal or religious reasons. Algordanza Hair to Diamonds provides an option for families to save some of their loved one’s hair and turn it into a memorial diamond for a keepsake.


| Required Minimum Amount of Hair 

If you wish to keep some hair with you, we only require a minimum of 5g of ashes for the Algordanza cremation diamond.   

A very small amount of hair is needed in comparison to ashes to diamonds. This is because hair naturally contains more carbon. The overall chemical composition of hair is 45% carbon.

ashes made into diamonds

(Algordanza Diamond in Emerald Cut)

| Diamond Size From Hair

More than one cremation diamond can be synthesized from the hair. We can accurately estimate the number of diamonds only after a detailed analysis performed in our laboratory, however, normally from 5g of hair we can produce up to at least one 1.5ct diamond, or 4 smaller diamonds up to a size of 0.4ct.

| When There is Not Enough Hair

When there is not enough hair for a diamond it is possible to mix it with anothers hair to create an eternal bond within a forever lasting diamond. Many customers choose this option for their wedding rings, engagement rings or anniversary rings. 

You can also use ashes or any personal objects containing carbon, e.g. letters, pictures, and toys etc.  Please see Algordanza Origin and Algordanza Pure for more details.