Cremation Diamond Ash Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a perfect versatile piece of jewellery. One of the customers who decided on the earrings said she feels like her parents are talking to her when she wears them.  Diamond stud settings tend to be classic, however there are slight variations depending on  the diamond cut/shape.  Here are a few examples.  


| Cremation Diamond Ash Earrings Material

You can select 9K or 18K gold as both are durable enough for everyday wear. Gold colours include yellow, rose and white, and also there's platinum, though the price is higher.

| Cremation Diamond Ash Earrings Weight

For gold, you have the option of 9K or 18K, There is more gold in the 18K gold mixture, but the metal is less sturdy and more scratch-prone than 9K gold. To save on cost and get the most durable choice, 9K is a good bet. Platinum is more durable than gold but is more expensive and more scratch-prone. 

| Cremation Diamond Ash Earrings Allergies

If the wearer has any allergies to metal, consider that during shopping. Be sure that they won’t have a reaction to the earrings, especially if they wear them all day. Most people are ok with Gold, Silver and Platinum. 

| Cremation Diamond Ash Earrings Settings

Diamond stud settings tend to be classic, usually with prongs holding the diamond in place. There are slight variations depending on your diamond shape. 

cremation jewellery uk

(Images above, cremation earrings with Algordanza ashes to Diamonds in Brilliant Cuts)

| Cremation Diamond Ash Earrings Backs

The backs of your earrings play a vital role in securing your earrings and ensuring they don’t unlock. There are a few types of earring backs that offer you security. Ultimately, the style you choose is a matter of personal preference. 

  • Friction back: Made with a post with an indent in it. When the backing presses to the post of the earring, it locks into the indented section.
  • Screw back: The back screws into the post, which some people feel makes the two pieces lock more securely together. 
  • Guardian back: A straight notched post with a locking back. By squeezing the tabs on the sides when pushing them on, the back slides over the notch and holds the earring in place. Popular for diamond stud earrings over 1 carat. 
  • Push back: Slides over the notches to hold the post in place. Does not provide the extra security like a lock guardian backing, but sufficient for earrings weighing less than 1 carat. 

Depending on the carat weight of your earrings and the style, the size of the backing will range. The backs provided by a high-quality vendor will be large enough to support the weight of the diamonds you’re buying.