Cremation Diamond Ash Pendant

Pendant comes from old french “pendre” and Latin word “pedere” both meaning “to hang down.” Diamond pendant necklaces are often given as a symbol of love, specifically eternal love.

Often our customers choose a cremation jewellery pendant with their memorial diamond because they want to wear their personal memorial diamond close to their heart, and can carry it with them at all times. A diamond pendant makes for a stunning and meaningful gift for any special occasion, and heirloom to pass down many generations. 

Our recommended jewellery can help you decide on your pendant designs, a pendant is an especially great setting for memorial rough diamonds. 

To help you decide on what you want, please take a look at Algordanza customer’s pendants, we have listed out some very popular pendant styles for you. 


| Cremation Diamond Ash Pendant Pendant Material

You can select 9K or 18K gold as both are durable enough for everyday wear. Gold colours include yellow, rose and white. Pendant chains also come in platinum, though the price is higher.

| Cremation Diamond Ash Pendant Necklace Clasp 

The best type of clasp for diamond pendants is a lobster clasp, because it’s secure while opening and closing easily. Other clasps for diamond pendants include spring ring clasps, barrel clasps and magnetic clasps.

| Cremation Diamond Ash Pendant Necklace Size 

Necklace length can depend on personal preference, as well as the measurement of your neck. Be careful if you choose a very short choker necklace of 14 inches or less. Always measure your neck first to make sure it won’t be too tight. On the same note, very long necklaces don’t look good with tiny pendants, they need something bigger for visual impact.

  • Collar - 35 cm / 14 inches - Around Throat
  • Choker - 40 cm / 16 inches - Close to Throat
  • Princess - 45 cm /18 inches - Sits on the collarbone
  • Matinee - 50 cm /20 inches - Sits between the collarbone and the chest 

| Cremation Diamond Ash Pendant Solitaire Settings

The most popular and versatile style is the diamond solitaire pendant. This consists of a single diamond worn at the end of a chain. The diamond solitaire pendant style is simple and classic.

Popular setting styles for pendants usually include prongs (typically four) because prongs allow the most light to enter the diamond and reflect back to the eye. 

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(Images above, cremation pendant four prongs & six prongs with Algordanza ashes to Diamonds in Brilliant Cuts)

| Cremation Diamond Ash Pendant Bezel settings

Bezel settings surround the entire diamond in metal, keeping it safe and secure in its mounting. However, this can minimize the sparkle of the diamond as you only see the stone from the face-up.

jewellery made from pet ashes

(Images above, cremation pendants in Bezel settings with Algordanza ashes to Diamonds with a Rough Diamond & Brilliant Cut)


| Cremation Diamond Ash Pendant in Halo Settings 

The halo setting refers to the placement of diamonds or other gemstones in a concentric circle or square around a center stone. The halo setting makes the center stone appear larger—a great option to boost the appearance of a small diamond—and it increases the overall sparkle of the pendant.

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(Images above, cremation pendants in Halo settings with Algordanza Cremation Diamonds in Brilliant Cuts)