What to do with the Ashes of a Loved One

Cremation Diamonds are the same as the cremated ashes, but in an entirely new form, the ashes no longer need an urn as a container. Where once there was no light, cremation diamonds shine, letting in light and strengthening our memories of a lost loved one.

Cremation Diamonds - Your Loved One in a New Form

Ashes Resemble Earth, Sometimes Earth Becomes Diamonds

Handing Over Ashes to Rinaldo Willy Founder of Algordanza

Cremation Diamonds, the Ultimate Urn

After a loved one has been lost and then cremated, many people ask themselves, what do I do with the ashes? Traditionally, the ashes of a person would be kept in an urn and either be set into the earth or where allowed kept at home.

Since 2004, a new form of remembrance which was once called a diamond burial had arisen, now referred to as a cremation diamond.

Some families desire multiple cremation diamonds which can be grown for each family member and taken with them, a form of constant comfort and remembrance for which they no longer need to maintain a grave.

If you do not have 500g of cremated ashes for a cremation diamond, then you may need a memorial diamond.

Cremation Diamond Cost

Making a diamond from ashes costs no more than a regular burial with the associated grave maintenance and starts at approximately £3,000 for a 0.3 ct rough diamond from ashes. Ask us about financing your cremation diamond.

Since a diamond actually grows over time, the diamond’s end size could be slightly smaller or slightly larger than requested. If the diamond is smaller, the price will be reduced, however if the diamond is larger, no extra costs will incur.

As part of our service, Algordanza UK will travel anywhere in the UK to personally secure your loved ones ashes, most if not all other cremation diamond companies want you to send the ashes through the mail, which often becomes lost, stolen or sent to the wrong address and do you know where they are being sent or who is receiving them?

Cost of Algordanza Diamonds from Ashes or Hair
Cuts and Shades of Blue Ash Diamonds Algordanza UK

Cremation Diamond Cuts

Algordanza offers six cuts for cremation diamonds; Radiant, Princess, Heart, Asscher, Brilliant and Emerald. Although Algordanza does not cut diamonds, we work closely with expert diamond cutters in London and around the world.

Most cremation diamonds that are cut are usually set into rings or pendants, need help deciding which cut best suits your loved one? Just think about what your loved one’s personality most resembles, perhaps the cremation diamond should be left uncut (rough).

Certain cuts such as the heart cut cannot be made if the diamond is too small.

Rough or Uncut Cremation Diamonds

Rough or uncut cremation diamonds are prefered by many clients because they reflect their loved one’s “Rough Edges” both having been naturally formed. No two rough diamonds are the same and are therefore unique. Rough diamonds are slightly polished in order to give them a proper shape.

It is possible to set rough diamonds into beautiful jewellery. The most popular choice is to set a rough diamond into a pendant or neclace,  showing off the unique texture of the rough diamond.

Rough Ashe Diamond Algordanza Switzerland
Diamonds from ashes or hair typical sizes (carats)

Cremation Diamond Sizes

Typical cremation diamond sizes range from 0.3 carats to 1.0 carat, however we can grow larger diamonds upon request.

Depending on the amount of carbon in the cremated ashes, up to a 2.0 carat diamond can be grown. Some individuals only need one large diamond, some families desire multiple diamonds, If all the cremation ashes are to be used, then Algordanza can make multiple diamonds from the ashes of a loved one.

The larger the cremation diamond, the more intricate the cut can be, if a cremation diamond is too small, then some cuts will be too difficult to perform. Contact Algordanza UK for more information on cuts and sizes.

Read what our clients are saying

Piers Daniel
Piers Daniel
London, 0.82ct Radiant Cut
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"Kevin has done a great job on a memorial diamond for my late father. After doing a bit of research I came across ALGORDANZA and very happy I did. Service and communication was top notch."
Jenny Tuleby
Jenny Tuleby
1 carat Memorial Diamond
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"Kevin at Algordanza has been immensely professional and helpful throughout the process of turning our beloved dog's ashes into a beautiful diamond. Couldn't be happier with the service and the outcome, strongly recommend! (It's the blue diamond in the photo)"
James H
James H
Family pack of uncut diamonds, London
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"Kevin and Algordanza were a pleasure to do business with. Even during strange covid related circumstances Kevin was professional and courteous. He made it an easy decision to use Algordanza, and from start to finish was a kind, helpful and trusted advisor."​
Anonymous Widow, 54
Anonymous Widow, 54
1ct brilliant cut, London
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"I lost my husband of 23 years, and was left with a broken heart. More than anything, I was looking for a special way honour his memory in a lasting way. After researching ashes to diamonds UK online, I determined that Algordanza Cremation Diamonds was the best and most reputable company in the business. I contacted Kevin Foy at Algordanza UK, we met up and I quickly decided to go ahead."
Tara Peter
Tara Peter
2 x 0.8ct rough diamonds (Salisbury)
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"After losing my husband so suddenly I wanted to have something that was truly special to remember him especially for my children. As soon as I contacted Kevin he put me at ease and explained the process and the making of the Algordanza diamonds. Kevin provided an exceptional service and was very personal, kind and understanding at such a distressing time. "


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