ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond Price List


The Algordanza diamond is available from £1,500. The production time of the diamond may vary depending on the ordered diamond weight. The delivery costs are included. We will ask for a payment of 50% of the confirmed amount upon order confirmation. The outstanding payment is to be paid before delivery.

The cost for an Algordanza Memorial Diamond depend on five factors :

1. Diamond Selection 

2. Diamond Size

3. Diamond Cuts or Rough Diamond 

4. Quantity

5. Personalisation

Please email or Call us at 0800 0646683 for more information. 



From 1st July 2018, Algordanza will provide THREE new diamond range: - 


Algordanza Ashes Diamonds

The Memorial Diamond is created solely out of the Carbon isolated from the cremated remains of the beloved deceased. At least 500g of cremated remains are needed to create at least one memorial diamond.






Algordanza Hair DiamondsThe Memorial Diamond is made out of the Carbon isolated from the hair of the beloved person. For the production 5g of hair is needed. The hair diamond is a unique option if no cremation is desired, or is not religiously accepted. The Algordanza Hair Diamond is also a truly sensational option for engagement rings or a Diamond Anniversary.






Algordanza Origin DiamondsIn cases where not enough cremated remains or hair  are available, a second Carbon source can be added. As a second Carbon source personal letters, diaries or pictures, which are in direct connection to the related person, can be used.






Size and costs depend on the weight of the Memorial Diamond and the weight of a diamond is measured in carat. Choose your preferred size with the size chart below.

Due to the complex production process it is possible that a diamond will grow smaller or bigger than ordered (Normally around +/- 0.04 ct range). If the diamond is bigger than requested, there will be NO extra costs. It is also possible that a diamond has less weight than ordered, if so, the specific lower price will be applied. Any larger diamonds not specified in the price list below, please contact us for more details.


The cutting of a diamond is a craft, since only the exact proportions of the diamond are able to unleash the exceptional sparkle. We entrust your personal Memorial Diamond only to sophisticated experts to cut it by hand. Choose your preferred cut or decide for a rough diamond – as the diamond uniquely formed itself. The cut diamond price including all cuts (Brilliant, Emerald, Asscher, Princess, Radiant) except the heart cut which costs £300 extra.


Alternatively, you can choose to leave your diamond uncut as a rough diamond. The rough diamond reflects the individuality of a person in a very natural way.



Family diamonds offers 2-4 smaller diamonds together in brilliant cuts or in rough diamonds for less cost.


The Memorial Diamond is a memorable heirloom over generations. Compared to a traditional burial the Memorial Diamond is a very personal place of remembrance, mourning and joy. This precious memento can be kept either in the diamond casket at home next to a portrait or set into a ring, pendant or any jewellery setting of your choice.

Setting the Memorial Diamond into Jewellery

It is beautiful to see how the Memorial Diamonds are set into jewellery reflecting the uniqueness of each beloved person. If you would like to have your Memorial Diamond set into a ring or pendant please get in touch with us for more details. 

Your ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond comes in a diamond casket and on request a personal laser inscription only visible with a microscope can be engraved.

Diamond Casket and Certificate

Your personal Memorial Diamond comes in a noble diamond casket along with the ALGORDANZA certificate. With this certificate, we guarantee the authenticity, weight, cut and colour of the diamond. Furthermore, we guarantee the origin of the entire carbon source from the delivered cremation ashes or hair.

Memorial Diamond with Laser Inscription

Diamond with laser inscription

On request your Memorial Diamond can be engraved with an individual laser inscription, giving it a personal note. Depending on the size of the diamond a maximum of 50 characters can be engraved. Each Diamond is engraved with its unique reference number. This laser inscription is only visible under a microscope.