Cremation Diamond

A cremation diamond is a diamond created from the carbon extracted from cremated ashes, hair or a combination of ashes and hair. The natural geologic process that forms diamonds deep in the earth is replicated using high pressure high temperature machines in a laboratory. A cremation diamond may also be referred to as a burial diamond, memorial diamond, memorial gem, or memory diamond.

A cremation diamond is a unique way to immortalize the memory of a loved one that has passed, and establish a family heirloom that can be treasured for generations.


| What is a Cremation Diamond? 

What is better to answer this question than from National GeographicThanks to startling advances in industrial engineering, we can now synthetically re-create colossal geological forces to shape our ultimate destiny on this planet. It’s gratuitous and extreme and wonderful: We can turn our mortal remains into diamonds. Real diamonds.

Several companies worldwide now offer services to families that have the notion, and the resources, to memorialize their loved ones in arguably the most permanent way possible. The Swiss company Algordanza is one of them.

turn your ashes into a diamond

(Image above from National Geographic: - Christina Martoia was 18 when her father died. Ten years later, she and her mother had his ashes transformed into this half-carat diamond. “Every time I show someone my cremation diamond, I get to talk about my dad,” says Martoia, the U.S. representative of Algordanza, the company that makes the diamonds.)

Using high-tech heavy-industry machines, engineers can transform the carbon from human ashes into diamond gems that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. The geologic process that otherwise takes hundreds of millions of years can now be managed in weeks.  Read More Here >

| Why Cremation Diamond?

"There must be a more dignified alternative, that is worthy of our position, and remains everlasting for eternity" - ALGORDANZA MEMORIAL DIAMOND

Memories you can hold on to

There is no better keepsake to pass on than everlasting diamonds. Memorial diamonds capture the essence of your loved one and these beautiful memories you wish to cherish forever.  Instead of a traditional Urn stored at home or a cemetery, you can turn these beautiful diamonds made from your loved ones’ hair or ashes and keep them close with you, or pass on to the children as a heirloom. 

Celebrations with a deeper significance

Many of our customers choose to celebrate with our cremation diamonds. Many couples have engagement rings or wedding rings made out of hair or their loved one’s ashes, it is a special moment where your loved one can be there with you.  Some choose to make the engagement rings from both of their hairs, for the eternal bond. 

More affordable than funerals

Our service and products start from £2,000 for a 0.3 ct rough diamond. Memorial Diamond material, size, cut, and laser Inscription of your cremation diamond determine the final price of your personal diamond.  However, the cremation diamond will still cost less than a standard burial, which could cost around £7,500 or more (Average funeral in the SE of England).

Ethical Diamonds

Many natural diamonds are still stained by severe human rights abuse and exploitation of children, workers and communities.  It can cause devastation and severely damage land and water.  Alternatively, you can choose a conflict free cremation diamond made from extracted carbon in the laboratory with identical structure and finishes to natural diamonds down to the atomic level.