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Remembrance of a lost loved one

Diamonds made from cremation ashes

Also known as ash diamonds, an Algordanza cremation diamond is grown from the cremation ashes or hair of a human. The ashes are first put through a special process to extract pure carbon, then using special HPHT presses and Swiss precision, your loved one is turned into a diamond.

Ashes to diamonds guarantee

Algordanza is the only memorial diamond company who guarantees that your personal diamond is made of 100% of your loved one’s ashes or hair. We do not add generic carbon, nor do we artificially colour any diamonds from ashes or hair.

Ashes to diamonds cost

The cost of a memorial diamond is usually not higher than the cost of a traditional burial with the associated grave maintenance and starts at £1,995 for a 0.30 carat diamond.

Blue and colourless diamonds are the most difficult and time consuming diamonds to grow, ALGORDANZA specializes in these very rare and precious gems.

Note: We do not offer an order kit or welcome kit, which gives one a feeling of obligation after paying the starter kit’s initial price.

A medium blue cremation diamond from ashes
Hair and ashes to diamonds prices UK vary according to weight, cut and carbon source

An heirloom for eternity

Compared to traditional types of funerals, the cremation diamond represents a very personal type of mourning, remembrance and joy. Especially in times of increasing mobility in our society and subsequent distance to the family, grave maintenance can be difficult, which makes the creation of a memorial diamond(s) a beautiful and practical alternative.

The memorial diamond can be kept in it’s box alongside a photograph at home, or discreetly set in a ring or pendant so that you can always keep your loved one close.

How Algordanza memorial diamonds are made

The ALGORDANZA manufacturing process in Switzerland produces blue, synthetic diamonds that have the same physical and chemical properties as diamonds that are created in nature.

ALGORDANZA needs at least 500g of cremation ashes or at least 5g of hair. From the ashes or hair we extract the carbon, which we then convert into graphite allowing us to grow a raw diamond or multiple diamonds using a real diamond seed. With special HPHT machines, we create the extreme pressure and high temperatures which are needed for natural diamond formation within the earth.

Putting an Algordanza growing cell into a HPHT press
Algordanza has the utmost care and respect for your loved ones ashes and hair

Turning ashes into diamonds with dignity

We have been turning ashes into diamonds since 2004, while helping bereaved families and friends through the grieving process of losing a loved one.

We guarantee that the ashes or hair of the deceased entrusted to us will be treated with care and the utmost respect. ALGORDANZA also documents and shares with you every step of the diamond creation process.

We offer optional certification from the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemology Institute.

Pre-plan to be a diamond

Many funeral homes offer pre-paid funeral plans to help with financial burdens and emotional stress after one passes away. With our pre-paid plan, funds are 100% secure through an official Swiss trustee company and the price will never increase after contract begin.

With the Algordanza Pre-paid Diamond Funeral Plan you are expressing your wish for one or more memorial diamonds to be made from your cremated remains or hair for your loved ones after your time of passing. A process that will spare your family additional tasks and financial burdens, in a time of grief and mourning.

Princess cut ash diamond set into white gold ring

Cremation jewellery

We work with professional goldsmith’s to help you find the perfect setting and design for your diamond. If you desire a stunning ash diamond ring, pendant or memorial earrings, Algordanza has one of the largest collections of unique, custom cremation jewelry.

You can also have your diamond professionally set into existing rings and pendants  or custom design your own new cremation jewelry with us.

For peace of mind

  • 100% Transparency, only company to offer lab visits, visit us!
  • Certified memorial diamonds with guarantee of origin of ashes/hair
  • We work with thousands of funeral homes for your security
  • Member of the most reputable funeral organisations around the world
  • The highest quality processing and presses made in Germany
  • Real client testimonials and news publications
  • The only ashes to diamonds company officially notarized by a government
  • We personally secure your ashes from you or your funeral director

Request information, free and without any obligation!

Algordanza Switzerland with partners from all over the world

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes, Like any high quality lab grown diamond, an ALGORDANZA™ diamond has the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond. In our Swiss lab located in Domat/Ems, Switzerland we recreate the natural formation conditions so that your individual ALGORDANZA™ diamond can grow from the cremated remains or hair of a lost loved one.

ALGORDANZA™ diamonds receive a 10 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness and conform to ISO International Standard 18323 (2015); ash and hair diamonds grown at ALGORDANZA™ are certified “laboratory grown diamonds”.

We believe that losing a beloved animal companion can be just as heartbreaking as losing a family member. Therefore we have partnered with Semper Fides who are animal lovers like us, but have more experience with the loss of a precious pet.

Semper Fides specializes in the production of pet diamonds from animal ashes and works closely with Algordanza in the field of research and development.

Algordanza UK is happy to take your inquiries about having your future pet memorial diamond made, we will connect you with our friends at Semper Fides.

It is not the volume of ash that is decisive for the growth of a cremation diamond, but its carbon content. A cremation diamond is grown from the carbon extracted from human ashes of which a minimum of 500g is needed to grow, this is because ashes contain approximately 20% carbon.

If a company that turns ashes into diamonds needs less than 500g of ashes, they are more than likely adding industrial carbon (impurities) to the process in order to create the carat size of diamond needed, Algordanza guarantees that your cremation diamond is created from 100% of the cremation ashes sent to us.

Since hair contains approximately 51% carbon a much smaller amount of hair can be made into a diamond or diamonds.

If you choose a memorial diamond, then a minimum of 5g of hair is needed, or a combination of hair and ashes.

We document our rigorous quality control with an ALGORDANZA certificate. We guarantee authenticity, weight, cut, colour and the origin of the diamond having been created from the delivered cremation ashes or hair.

Each diamond order is marked with a unique reference number. (This reference number will be provided to you when you sign the order form) Consequently, we are able to retrace every step of the process; starting from the order to the finalized diamond. Throughout the process, we provide information on the status of the transformation as each stage completes.


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