Memorial diamonds from ALGORDANZA

Memorial Diamond

The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is the most beautiful and everlasting way to keep your loved ones close at all times

Memorial diamonds are diamonds made out of your loved one's hair or ashes, they are certified diamonds and 

a symbol of  

love, closeness and remembrance

ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds captures the essence of your beloved forever

Diamond Burial & Memorial Diamond

Algordanza Memorial Diamond

  • Made in Switzerland with Swiss Caution and Quality.
  • Extracted 99.9% carbon from hair or ashes to diamonds.
  • High quality diamonds, with 80% VS1 or above high quality with no visible flaws (up to 1ct).
  • No chemical colouring, the boron in the ashes determine the natural colours of the diamond.

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  • Reliable service with multiple authenticity guarantees.
  • Transparency production environment, only one in the world opening its own lab to the public.
  • Professional Industry world standard: ISO standard.

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what can i do with cremated ashes

| Decide on Your Diamond & Order Process

A memorial diamond is a beautiful way to remember your loved one and can be created using cremation ashes or hair of the deceased. Decide on your personal diamond by material, colour, cut, size, price, and jewellery setting. Read More

Ordering an Algordanza Memorial Diamond is straight forward: 

  • Consider Your Memorial Diamond.
  • Decide on Your Desired Diamond and Price.
  • Sign the Contract and Order Form.
  • Algordanza Representative to Collect Ashes or Hair From Your Home.
  • From Ashes to a Memorial Diamond.
  • Delivery of Your Diamond to Your Home From an Algordanza Representative.

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Swiss quality made ashes jewellery

Caution, Integrity and Respect 

ALGORDANZA makes cremation diamonds from the cremated ashes or hair of your loved ones. We provide a  service turning ashes into diamonds in our laboratory in Switzerland. 

We have ALGORDANZA representatives in over  30 countries. Our worldwide team are competent, caring and will be available for all your questions. Caution, integrity and respect are of utmost important value to us. 

ALGORDANZA UK provides services to all customers in the UK and Ireland, please contact us if you need to make unique memorial diamonds. The memorial diamond can be set into a cremation ring, pendants from ashes or any jewellery setting you prefer. 

The cost of a memorial diamond is determined by the material, size, cuts, colour and laser inscription of the cremation diamond you select; prices start from £2,000.