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People have been talking about ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamonds since their inception in 2004. You are looking for the best Ashes to Diamonds company, there is no better way than to read our history and follow the steps we have made to become the most trusted Cremation Diamond producer. From National Geographic to YouTube and Reuters UK, watch and read how we turn hair and ashes to diamonds.

The BBC explains How Algordanza turns ashes into diamonds

Unique types of burial from turning ashes into Vinyl Records to ALGORDANZA making Diamonds from Human Ashes, read the article from BBC News.

Ashes to Diamonds as only CNN can tell it

‘Diamond burial’ new way to say goodbye. Eva Wu had her 17-year-old son’s remains turned into a diamond… In CNN

Reuters UK, a story of diamonds from ashes

“Some people find it is a great honour and remembrance,” said Laura Simanton at the Gemological Institute of America GIA.L. “The technology is certainly getting better.” - In Reuters

National Geographic shows how we turn ashes into diamonds

Read more about how experts at the ALGORDANZA laboratory turn ashes into diamonds with their Swiss precision High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) machines in National Geographic

Memorial Diamonds documented by International Business Times

Diamonds can be deemed a lot more personal since it can even come from the remains of loved ones in International Business Times

Business Insider helps clarify what a cremation diamond is

A growing number of bereaved consumers are doing something more adventurous: forging the ashes into diamonds in Business Insider

Boredpanda loves diamonds made from ashes

They will compress and super-heat your loved one’s cremated ashes and turn them into a man-made diamond that can be worn and cherished. - In BoredPanda

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Watch how ALGORDANZA produces diamonds made from ashes at their Swiss laboratory using a process that replicates the way nature creates diamonds on YouTube

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