A medium blue cremation diamond from ashes

Diamonds from ashes UK prices

The cost of turning cremation ashes into a diamond is roughly that of a traditional burial site, including grave maintenance and depends on 3 factors:
  • Weight (carat) of diamond, price increases with size.
  • Cut or uncut, certain cuts cost more due to complexity.
  • Carbon source, hair, ashes or a combination of both.

Starting price: £2,040

With our included services, peace of mind is a priceless value only we offer.

Optional costs include GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or IGI (International Gemological Institute)  diamond certification.

3 factors determine cost:

  • Weight (carat) of diamond, price increases with size.
  • Cut or uncut, certain cuts cost more due to complexity.
  • Carbon source, turning ashes into diamonds costs more than turning hair into diamonds.

Starting price: £2,040

With our included services, peace of mind is a priceless value only we offer.

Algordanza diamond clarity

Algordanza developed a very high-quality purification process to extract pure carbon from cremation ashes in 2003 and has been constantly improving it ever since. Our processing creates carbon that is 99.99% pure which grows beautiful colourless to blue diamonds.

Colourless and blue memorial diamonds are the most difficult to grow, Algordanza specializes in these very rare and precious cremation diamonds. When ordering multiple memorial diamonds from the same carbon source, the cost is reduced by 10% for every diamond after the first, since processing only occurs once.

More than 80% of all Algordanza diamonds have a clarity value of VS1 or above.

Dark blue, heart cut cremation diamond, ashes made into diamonds cost
Hair and ashes to diamonds prices UK vary according to weight, cut and carbon source

Diamond quantity & cuts

Single Diamonds

0.3 carat4.3 mm
0.4 carat4.7 mm
0.5 carat5.1 mm
0.6 carat5.4 mm
0.7 carat5.7 mm
0.8 carat5.9 mm
0.9 carat6.2 mm
1.0 carat6.4 mm

Algordanza offers six cuts for cremation diamonds; Radiant, Princess, Heart, Asscher, Brilliant and Emerald. Having a memorial diamond cut costs more than leaving it rough (uncut) all cuts cost the same except for the heart cut.

The heart cut costs £500 GBP more due to its complexity and cannot be made on small diamonds because the cut needs a larger surface area.

Family Pack Diamonds – Brillant cut

   4 x 0.15 carat = 0.6 carats
  3 x 0.2 carat = 0.6 carats

Superior technology

In order for a lab grown diamond to understand how it should grow, a real diamond seed is needed to start the diamond synthesis. We use real diamonds to start the growth process.

The larger the cremation diamond should be, the longer it needs to stay in a controlled environment in order to properly grow, which is a major cost factor in time and energy.

Algordanza also has the most sophisticated HPHT presses made in Germany.

Variations in diamond growth

Since a diamond actually grows over time, the diamond’s end carat size could be slightly smaller or slightly larger than requested. If the diamond is smaller, the price will be reduced, however if the diamond is larger, the price will not increase.

Putting an Algordanza growing cell into a HPHT press
3 diamonds from ashes - due to boron, cremation diamonds are dark blue to colourless

Diamond colour facts

Due to the element boron ligated to our bodies naturally, ALGORDANZA cremation diamonds can be perfectly colourless (very little boron present) or be very dark blue (large amount of boron present).

If a cremation diamond is yellow, amber or black, then impurities have been introduced into the carbon accidentally through poor processing or intentionally into the diamond grid. Such processing is less expensive because less time and poorer quality chemicals are used. Red, pink and green diamonds cost slightly more than yellow diamonds, since they are yellow diamonds that have been bombarded with radiation to change their colour, also causing the diamond lattice to break down, making them weaker.

ALGORDANZA does not influence the colouration of their diamonds.

Rough diamonds cost less

Diamonds from ashes or hair that are rough (uncut) are simply polished to remove sharp edges, which reduces threir price compared to a cut diamond.

More unique

Rough diamonds or uncut diamonds, are preferred by many clients because they reflect their loved one’s “Rough Edges”, both having been naturally formed. No two rough diamonds are the same and are therefore unique.

Polished rough diamond, no two uncut memorial diamonds are alike
Our parternship with undertakers worldwide assures security for your loved one ashes

Free pick-up and delivery

As an included service, we personally pick up and deliver your loved one’s ashes or hair and also personally deliver the finished memorial diamond to you or your funeral home at your request.

We guarantee that the utmost care and respect is given to the ashes of your lost loved one, that is why we deal with thousands of funeral homes throughout the world, as added security for you.

The ashes of your lost loved one are precious, don’t just send them through the mail, sometimes they are lost, stolen or simply sent to the wrong address.

Laser inscription

Each ALGORDANZA cemation diamond is inscribed with a unique authentication code as well as the ALGORDANZA logo at no extra cost.

A personal inscription may also be engraved on your memorial keepsake for an extra fee, but this laser inscription is only visible with a microscope. Depending on the size of the diamond, between 25 and 30 characters are possible.

Algordanza incribes each diamond with their unique reference number
Cremation diamond set into a red gold pendant

Beautiful cremation jewellery

We offer bespoke jewellery, custom-made by Richard Cowell. If you desire a stunning ash diamond ring or pendant, Algordanza has one of the largest collection of unique, custom cremation jewellery ideas.

Algordanza UK can help you with custom cremation jewellery for your “one of a kind” memorial or cremation diamond.

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