In the Rhaeto – Romanic language, the word “Algordanza” is an expression for "Remembrance". When a loved one has passed on, we are often left with fond memories, and also a feeling of emptiness. Having a Diamond made out of Ashes helps us fill the void and remember our loved ones in a precious and special way. Read more of Our company history, Algordanza's letter to you, and our 15 Years Anniversary.

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Algordanza is the only memorial diamond company in the world that opens its laboratory to the public. Before you decide on your memorial diamond and leave your loved ones with us, please feel free to arrange to visit our laboratory and meet with the staff. Why not start with a visual web tour ?

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For UK and Ireland Customers, you can visit by arrangement via a UK representative to see Algordanza manufacturing facilities and meet with the staff.   You can see our lab facilities where carbon extraction and diamond crystallization take place. There are option  to personally deliver your loved ones ashes and  collect your memorial diamond.

We have a caring, respectful and experienced team of people behind Algordanza ensuring your service is second to none, let’s meet Algordanza Swiss Board, UK Representative, our Administration team, lab team and production team. 

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                                    (Owner, Rinaldo Willy and Algordanza UK representative, Kevin Foy) 

Thank you for your interest in ALGORDANZA UK. We are here to answer all of your questions and to help you design your very own ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamond. If you would like information and pricing please email us and we will respond to your inquiry immediately.

We would love to meet you and have you visit our facility and laboratory in Switzerland. During the creation of your memorial diamond, you will be updated at each step of the process. Click to find out more.

Algordanza UK is a partner of ALGORDANZA AG of Switzerland. We process orders originating and being delivered to Algordanza customers in the UK and Ireland. 

ALGORDANZA is represented in over 30 countries. Our worldwide partners are competent and will be available for all your questions. Read more.