Algordanza All You Need to Know

Algordanza is the industry leader on ashes and hair to Diamond technology, all diamonds are produced in Switzerland. We are committed to 100% integrity and transparency on our production process, and provide guarantees on our diamonds and service like no other company.


| Features of Algordanza Memorial Diamonds

  • We do not use any other carbon other than extracted from hair or ashes, unless you decide on the Algordanza Origin product.  
  • Beautiful high quality diamonds, with 80% of Algordanza memorial diamonds VS1 or above high quality with no visible flaws (up to 1ct).
  • No chemical colouring, the boron in the ashes determine the natural colours of the diamond.

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| Algordanza Authenticity Guarantee

  • Made in Switzerland with Swiss Caution and Quality.
  • Reliable service with multiple authenticity guarantees.
  • Transparency of production environment, only one in the world opening its own lab to the public.
  • Professional industry world standard: ISO standard

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| Algordanza Diamonds

diamonds made with cremation ashes

(Algordanza brilliant cut memorial diamond) 

Algordanza Pure Algordanza Pure is our traditional product from the very beginning, it is made from carbon ONLY extracted from human ashes. 
Algordanza Hair

Algordanza Hair is our new product from 2018, it is made from carbon only, extracted from human hair. In the UK, there are still many who would like to arrange traditional burial services for personal or religious reasons. Algordanza Hair to Diamonds provides an option for families to save some of their loved one’s hair and turn it into a memorial diamond for an eternal keepsake.

Algordanza Origin

For those who have a small amount of ashes or hair left behind, we have introduced The Algordanza Origin Diamond.

In cases where not enough cremated remains or hair of the deceased person are available, a second Carbon source can be added. As a second Carbon source personal letters, diaries or pictures, which are in direct connection to the deceased person, can be added. This would not impact the final quality of the diamonds.


| Algordanza Memorial Diamond Creation Process

Your Algordanza Memorial Diamond will be grown from carbon extracted from hair or ashes of your loved one. The key steps are: - 

  • Step 1 Collecting Cremation Ashes or Hair
  • Step 2 Isolation of Carbon from the Ashes or Hair
  • Step 3 Conversion into Graphite
  • Step 4 Growing Cell
  • Step 5 Growth Process
  • Step 6 Removal and Opening of the Growing Cell
  • Step 7 Rough Diamond
  • Step 8 Cut and Polish
  • Step 9 Laser Inscription
  • Step 10 Certificate and Check

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| Algordanza Diamond Specifications

Size We offer sizes from 0.15ct for family diamonds and 0.3ct for singular diamonds up to 2ct. 

Depending on the natural boron in our body, every diamond will be unique, it can be finished from clear to different shades of blue.  We do not add any chemical colouring in the process, so you will have your loved one as they were without any modifications.

cremation diamonds from ashes

Cut We have six cuts available: Brilliant, Emerald, Asscher, Princess, Radiant, and Heart.  Brilliant is one of our most popular choices.  Another increasingly popular option is for memorial diamonds in rough stone, for details please see here.
Clarity (transparency)

80% of Algordanza memorial diamonds are VS1 or above high quality with no visible flaws (up to 1ct).


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| Algordanza Cost

Prices start at £2,000 for a 0.3ct rough diamond. The price depends on the preferred material, size and cut of your personal Memorial Diamond. Click here to request a brochure, information and current price list.

| Algordanza Required Ashes and Hair Amount

We can use the entire amount of cremation ashes, however, if you wish to keep or scatter some of the ashes, we require a minimum 500g of cremation ashes for memorial diamonds for Algordanza Pure

Minimum 5g of hair for Algordanza Hair

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| Algordanza Production Period

The average production period for a memorial diamond is from 4 months to 8 months, however, the production period will vary depending on the size of the requested diamond. UK Representative, Kevin, will email and keep you informed with the latest production status. 

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| Algordanza Order Process

Order an Algordanza Memorial diamond by following our easy steps here:

  • Step 1. Consider Your Memorial Diamond
  • Step 2. Decide on Your Desired Diamond and Price
  • Step 3. Sign the Contract and Order Form
  • Step 4. An Algordanza Rep will Collect Ashes or Hair From Your Home
  • Step 5. From Ashes to a Memorial Diamond
  • Step 6. Delivery of Your Diamond to Your Home by an Algordanza Rep
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