Algordanza Rough Cremation Diamond

Rough Diamonds or, also known as uncut diamonds, are diamonds that are an option for customers who prefer to receive diamonds that reflects their loved ones as a naturally formed cremation diamond from ashes or hair. 

"Someone who was young and free spirited. A neatly cut diamond may not reflect the true essence of that person ..." In response to customers' feedback, we decided to add uncut cremation diamonds to the Algordanza diamond selections, so we can deliver the hidden brilliance of our loved ones with a little rough edges.


| Algordanza Rough Diamond Production

All Algordanza cremation diamonds are produced in our own lab in Switzerland, we can 100% guarantee the authenticity of our manufacturing process and the quality of our diamonds. For details please go to our page and take a look at our Algordanza headquarters and memorial diamond laboratory


diamonds made from ashes

(Image 1, Algordanza head office; Image 2, Carbon extraction, Image 3,  Preparation of crystallization) 

| Characteristics of Rough Diamonds

Rough cremation diamond in its unique form:-

  • The rough diamond stone has a pure form that is not yet cut, it might be slightly round, angular, and some might have a slightly rough surface.  Each rough diamond is unique.
  • Rough Diamonds are delivered as they are in their finished grown state, however they are polished to a minimum of proper shape.
  • Rough diamonds are supposed to be delivered as they are, requests for cuts after delivery will not be possible.  We don't recommend that you cut or polish by your own arrangement, Algordanza is not responsible for any damage to the memorial diamond. 
  • Laser engraving is available on rough diamonds.


dogs ashes to diamonds uk

(Uncut rough Algordanza diamonds)

| Production Cost

The production cost of a rough diamond is 10% to 20% cheaper than a cut diamond, making a larger rough diamond possible for the price of a cut diamond. 

| Jewellery Making

It is possible to set rough diamonds into beautiful jewellery. The most popular option is to set rough diamonds into a pendant and show off the unique texture of the rough diamond. Below are rough diamond jewellery inspirations by our previous customers. 

jewelry made from pet ashes

(Above left: Rough diamonds set into a set of flexible charm pendants. Above right: Rough diamond pendant from an Algordanza Japan Customer)

diamond jewellery uk

(Above left: Rough diamonds set into a charm pendant with designed Japanese initials, Above right: rough diamond set in a tie pin from Algordanza Japan)

| More

(Video Clip of Algordanza Rough Diamond)