How to order your Personal Memorial Diamond

We guarantee and document our reverent attention of the entrusted remains of your beloved one. For many years we work successfully with numerous funeral homes worldwide.

Commission of a diamond burial

We are pleased to recommend an institute or partner nearby. Our partners are competent, caring and pleased to consult you on your order. If there is no institute or partner nearby our team in Switzerland will be at your disposal.

Ashes disposal for diamond burial

The cremation of an adult amounts to an average of 2.5 kg of remains. To produce a Memorial Diamond, we do not require the entire amount of ashes. We require a minimum of 500g of cremated remains, in order to create one or even more Memorial Diamonds.

After delivery of the cremation ashes to ALGORDANZA in Switzerland, we offer three options with regards to the remains’ disposal:

  1. Transformation of the entire amount of ashes by ALGORDANZA
    If no additional burial is desired.
  2. Return of the remains not required back to the funeral home or remitter
    The part of the remains not required can be send back to the funeral home for an urn interment.
  3. Handing over of the remains in Switzerland
    The part of the remains not required can be personally picked up in Switzerland.

Your personal memorial diamond will be hand-cut by experienced experts only.