The Only True Guarantee of Authenticity and Origin of Ashes

Funeral Director Giving Ashes to Algordanza for Cremation Diamond

Guarantee of Authenticity and Origin

We grow diamonds from ashes or hair with the utmost care and precision. We document our rigorous quality control with an Algordanza certificate as well as guarantee authenticity, weight, cut, colour and the origin of the diamond having been created from 100% of the delivered cremation ashes or hair. For added assurance, we document each step of the diamond growth process and provide every client updates.

Cooperation with funeral homes is a must!

We not only work with you personally, we work closely with funeral directors worldwide, because an extra pair of trusted hands should give you confidence that your loved one’s ashes or hair is in the right place. If you trusted your funeral director to cremate your loved one, then you trust them to hand over their ashes to the most trusted cremation diamond producer. Algordanza is a member of many international funeral organisations, here are just a few.

Only Company to Offer Lab Visits

Algordanza UK is committed to integrity and 100% transparency. We are proud to say that we are the only ashes to diamonds company in the world to offer lab visits.

Our diamond lab is nestled in the tranquil mountains and forests of Switzerland. Here we invite you to visit us and observe how we grow diamonds from ashes or hair. We want you to feel confident that Algordanza is the right choice to make your cremation diamond.

When diamonds are completely grown, our partners come from all around the world to collect the diamonds to bring them back to their respective countries.

Visiting Algordanza Switzerland Open to the Public
Algordanza Notorial Certificate Swiss Government

Notarial certification

ALGORDANZA has had their process of turning ashes to diamonds, notarized. A notary was commisioned to accompany the diamond transformation process from the begining where the ashes were received, to the end where a cremation diamond was grown. ALGORDANZA Cremation Diamonds have also been confirmed by qualified gemologist’s (gemstone experts) to be genuine diamonds. This gives you the notarial proof that you are working with a reputable and certified company.

News Reports and Publications

Besides news reports from reputable organisations, our customers in the UK and around the world praise our quality, service and the comfort we have help give them in times of mourning.

We thank our clients for their trust as well as kind words, and we thank news organisations around the world for their honest and detailed articles which make helping people all the more worthwhile.

Client Testimonials

Piers Daniel
London, 0.82ct Radiant Cut
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"Kevin has done a great job on a memorial diamond for my late father. After doing a bit of research I came across ALGORDANZA and very happy I did. Service and communication was top notch."
Jenny Tuleby
1 carat Memorial Diamond
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"Kevin at Algordanza has been immensely professional and helpful throughout the process of turning our beloved dog's ashes into a beautiful diamond. Couldn't be happier with the service and the outcome, strongly recommend! (It's the blue diamond in the photo)"
James H
Family pack of uncut diamonds, London
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"Kevin and Algordanza were a pleasure to do business with. Even during strange covid related circumstances Kevin was professional and courteous. He made it an easy decision to use Algordanza, and from start to finish was a kind, helpful and trusted advisor."​
Anonymous Widow
1ct brilliant cut, London
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"I lost my husband of 23 years, and was left with a broken heart. More than anything, I was looking for a special way honour his memory in a lasting way. After researching ashes to diamonds UK online, I determined that Algordanza Cremation Diamonds was the best and most reputable company in the business. I contacted Kevin Foy at Algordanza UK, we met up and I quickly decided to go ahead."
Tara Peter
2 x 0.8ct rough diamonds (Salisbury)
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"After losing my husband so suddenly I wanted to have something that was truly special to remember him especially for my children. As soon as I contacted Kevin he put me at ease and explained the process and the making of the Algordanza diamonds. Kevin provided an exceptional service and was very personal, kind and understanding at such a distressing time. "
Kevin Foy Algordanza UK and Ireland Representative

Secure Transportation of Ashes and Hair

We personally come to you or your funeral director to collect the ashes or hair of your loved one. Other companies want you to send your loved one’s ashes through the mail…

Often times the ashes get lost, stolen or sent to the wrong address. If the ashes do reach the destination, do you know where they were sent and who recieved them? Alternatively, you can bring us the ashes you want grown into a diamond at our office near London or directly to our headquarters in Switzerland. If you wish to visit us in Switzerland, contact Kevin Foy to arrange an appointment.

Growing diamonds from ashes relies on technology!

Algordanza uses the most high-tech, custom presses made in Germany and we only use them for growing diamonds from cremation ashes or hair. All other producers of diamonds from ashes use presses known as BARS presses, first developed in Russia and widely used in China, their main purpose is the mass production of industrial diamonds.

We do not mass produce memorial diamonds in China or India, we grow real memorial diamonds in Domat/Ems Switzerland, come visit us and see for yourself!

Algordanza Switzerland High Pressure High Temperature Presses


Algordanza is a Member of the FIAT IFTA

International Federation of Thanatologists Associations FIAT - IFTA

The World Organization of Funeral Services was founded in 1970 and has developed into a well-known global network for funeral service providers, repatriation companies and suppliers. FIAT-IFTA is the only NGO recognized by the United Nations ECOSOC and UNESCO that represents the funeral industry in social and economic issues in the field of funeral heritage.

Algordanza is a Member of the European Federation of Funeral Services

European Federation of Funeral Services EFFS

The European Association of Funeral Services is an association of national and regional funeral associations, undertakers, undertakers or companies that offer funeral services and products. The EFFS is an international non-profit organization and conducts scientific studies and takes care of social activities. The EFFS offers a platform for the exchange of experiences and information, promotes cooperation and support for members. In addition, the EFFS bundles interests on a European level and harmonizes activities in the funeral sector.

Algordanza is a member of the Swiss Society of Undertakers

Schweizerischer Verband der Bestattungsdienste SVB

The SVB is a professional organization for the funeral industry in Switzerland recognized by the BBT (Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology) and authorities. The association represents the professional, economic and socio-political interests of the affiliated members in relation to legislation and administration at federal, cantonal and communal level. The SVB cultivates professional honor and community spirit and upholds the public image of the funeral industry. The association also promotes further training for its members so that the undertaker can act as a competent advisor and helper for the bereaved. The SVB sets a generally valid benchmark for the professional level of performance in the funeral industry in Switzerland.

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