Algordanza Pure Memorial Diamond

Algordanza Pure is our traditional product from the very beginning, it is made from carbon only extracted from human ashes. 


| Required Minimum Amount of Ashes 

If you wish to keep some ashes with you or scatter part of the ashes, we only require a minimum of 500g of ashes for the Algordanza cremation diamond. An adult body normally consists of around 3 kilos of cremated remains. However, the carbon % in the ashes can vary from person to person.  

jewelry made from ashes of loved ones

(Algordanza Memorial Diamond Heart Cut, and Teardrop Cut) 

| Use All the Ashes

You can use the entire ashes for your memorial diamonds, we will use all the ashes to extract carbon and produce your personal diamond with no additional charges.

| Diamond Size and Ashes

More than one cremation diamond can be synthesized from the cremation ashes of an adult. We can accurately estimate the number of diamonds only after a detailed analysis of the cremation ashes is performed in our laboratory, however, normally from 500g of ashes we can produce up to at least one 1.5ct diamond, or 4 smaller diamonds up to a size of 0.4ct.

| When There is Not Enough Ashes

When there is not enough ashes for a diamond it is possible to use hair or any personal objects containing carbon, e.g. letters, pictures, and toys etc.  Please see Algordanza Origin and Algordanza Hair for more details.