Turning Ashes or Hair to Diamonds in UK and Ireland

ALGORDANZA is the world's leading producer of Memorial Diamonds, offering the utmost care and respect to your loved one's ashes and hair. The first Memorial Diamond facility was started in Switzerland in 2004 with the idea of bringing a new and unique way to remember our loved ones who have passed away. ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are certified by professional gemologists and their creation process officially notarized.

The idea to isolate carbon from human cremation ashes and then create from the carbon a cremation diamond arose in 2003. The creation of synthetic diamonds from industrial carbon sources has been possible since the 1960s.


Care, Transparency and Honesty

You have decided to have your loved one's ashes, or your ashes turned into a diamond, but which company is the best and most trustworthy?

After you decide to turn your loved one's remains into a cremation diamond, it is important to compare and understand the differences between cremation diamond providers. There are a few factors to take into serious consideration before you leave your loved one's ashes or hair to any company.


The Best Ashes to Diamonds Company in the UK and Ireland

ALGORDANZA encourages each and every individual to visit their production facilities nestled in the mountains and forests of Switzerland. If visiting us in Switzerland is not possible, each step of the diamond growth process is documented and shared with you by our UK Representative near London. Perhaps you would like to visit us when receiving your loved one's diamond? Besides the beautiful landscape, we have fine dining, comfortable hotels as well as cultural and historical tours of the area.




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Besides news reports from reputable organisations, our customers in the UK and around the world praise our quality and service. If you have any questions about the cost, benefits or the process of how we turn ashes into real diamonds, please contact Kevin Foy, your ALGORDANZA representative for UK and Ireland.

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Other companies recommend that you send your loved one's ashes through the mail, but do you really know who is receiving them and where they are being sent?

We praise our employees and partners, who are dedicated to offering the highest care and consideration when handing the ashes of a loved one.

ALGORDANZA UK will travel anywhere within the UK and personally secure your loved one's ashes or hair. You can also personally bring them to us in the UK or direct to our headquarters in Domat/Ems, Switzerland.



Why a cremation diamond as a unique burial alternative?

Memories to cherish and hold on to

Cremation diamonds capture the essence of a loved one and instead of a traditional urn stored at home or at a cemetery, cremation diamonds made from your loved ones’ hair or ashes can be kept close with you, or passed on to children as a heirloom.

More affordable than traditional funerals

Cremation diamonds start at £2,500 for a 0.3 ct rough diamond. The diamond's material (ash or hair), size, cut, and optional laser inscription of your cremation diamond will determine the final price of your diamond. However, the cremation diamond will still cost less than a standard burial, which can cost up to £7,500 or more (Average traditional funeral in the SE of England).

Ethically better Diamonds

Many natural diamonds are still obtained through severe human rights abuse as well as the exploitation of children, workers and whole communities. It can cause devastation and severe damage to the land as well as the local water supply. Choosing a cremation diamond made from ashes or hair with the same properties as a natural diamond reduces these very negative effects.