Memorial Diamond Order Process

How to Order Your Memorial Diamond

After the passing of your beloved the family is faced with tough and emotional decisions, our ALGRODANZA representative would be with you every step of the way to assist you with your memorial diamond process.

A memorial diamond is just as convenient and simple to organise as any other type of burial or remembrance. Learn more about how to order your ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond in the following section.

1. Find an ALGRODANZA Representative

Our representatives are presented in over 35 countries worldwide, they are all competent, caring, and pleased to consult you on placing your order for an ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond. Get in touch with us or find our ALGORDANZA International representations by selecting your country.

For ALGRODANZA UK and Ireland, please contact Kevin Foy via email or phone: 0800 0646683

2. Decide on Your Desired Diamond

Please see the Memorial Diamond selection, creation and cost or more details.  Once you have decided, please contact us to confirm your selection and we will organise the contract and delivery of ashes or hair to our lab in Switzerland.

3. Cremation, Funeral Services, Collection of Ashes or Hair

For Algordanza Pure

Your funeral home will organise the funeral service and cremation for you. We understand that handling the loved one’s ashes can be overwhelmingly emotional, therefore there are few options that could make this process easier: -

For Algordanza pure we only require 500g of the ashes, if you choose to keep the remaining ashes: -

  • Please ask your funeral home to put aside 500g of ashes, and we will collect the ashes directly from the funeral home.

  • We can collect the 500g ashes from you at home.

  • Collect the entire ashes and deliver to our Swiss Lab, you can choose to return the remains back to the funeral home, picked up personally from Switzerland or buried through ALGORDANZA in the Swiss Alps.

Transform of the entire amount of ashes as a diamond burial, if there is no additional burial desired.


For Algordanza Hair or Algordanza Origin

Please ask your funeral home keep 5g of hair, we can collect the hair or objects directly from you or the funeral home.

4. Shipment of the Ashes or Hair

We can provide shipment of ashes or hair to our ALGORDANZA Swiss Lab free of charge.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to hand over the  ashes/hair yourself, and visit our ALGORDANZA swiss lab, please contact us to arrange this.

5. From Ashes to a Memorial Diamond.

Once the memorial diamond is ready, we will arrange to deliver your diamond to you.

Alternatively, you can collect your diamond directly from Switzerland. (subject to 8% Swiss Tax)